I’m betting my eleven grandchildren’s future on it     

Next November 5th, I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for president. It will be the third time in nine years throwing my support his way. 

Initially, I voted for Trump because he was not a politician. He’s a self-made, wealthy businessman without political baggage. I admire people who can start from nothing and make something of themselves. My father was like that. 

The media reports Trump got his money from his father – which is stretching the truth. The media does that and shouldn’t be trusted. Yes, Trump borrowed one million dollars from his father, then paid it back with interest. He also used his father’s reputation to gain access to larger bank loans. With those loans he bought, sold, and built a real estate empire. Both he and the banks that took a chance on him made a lot of money. 

Trump became wealthy in his ventures, somewhere between $2 and $10 billion dollars, depending on what news source is doing the reporting. Democrats and the media like to low-ball his wealth, so naturally Trump inflates his net-worth just to keep tweaking everybody’s nose – an obnoxious habit many wealthy individuals possess. That came about due to hard work, ingenuity, and little fear of risk. 

An aversion to risk is one key factor keeping most people from becoming successful. Trump took full advantage of risk, in his business and private life. He liked living large and, on the edge, – most of us don’t. While doing so, he raised smart, successful children, none of which have taken drugs or drank alcohol like the deranged son of the current occupant in the White House. 

Given my disdain for most politicians, I admire the fact Trump isn’t one. Politicians don’t own him – he answers to banks and shareholders. To do that, you have to have a good relationship with people. 

Trump’s presidency had some ups and downs, but few people suffered under Trump as they are now under Biden. Yes, Trump is brash and vain. Do you want a church mouse as your president? Trump knows how to wheel and deal. He’s used his business acumen and tough-nosed NY persona on the national and world stage, leading by being an America-first president. What the hell is wrong with that? 

For anybody that has a fault with Trump’s presidency, consider the fact that Democrats and the Swamp were working feverishly against him at every turn because they feared he was going to expose their free rides. It was the Democrats and the likes of Anthony Fauci that shut this country down over COVID. That single act has had negative consequences on an entire generation of Americans. 

An example of people working against Trump can be found with Adam Kinzinger from Illinois, who sat on a sham January 6thcommittee that was responsible for putting hundreds of people unlawfully in prison. He bawled for the camera, while at the same time sitting on thousands of hours of tape showing that the J6 was not Trump’s fault. J6 was blown out of proportion by the Swamp and our corrupt media. Facing prison time, Matthew Perna was driven to suicide over the bogus charges he was facing. Ashley Babbitt was murdered by a House lackey who got off scot-free. 

Folks, the Deep State is real, and they fear Trump. He’s liable to tell us where the bodies are buried or how our tax money is being squandered by the greed of corrupt officials. The Swamp acts as if they are our overlords, when the fact is, they work for us. They know if we get the answers we deserve, they’re going to lose those cushy positions. They will fight Trump tooth and nail to make sure he doesn’t take them down. 

Our generation has never seen a man like Trump. I’m confident Democrats will make sure we never see a man like him again – perhaps even Trump himself if they can pull it off before the election. Just this week the state of Colorado ridiculously took him off the ballot, a moronic act that will be overturned by the Supreme Court. 

Ask yourself why they are fighting him so hard? Even if I have to write his name on the ballot, I’m voting for Trump. I’m betting my eleven grandchildren’s future on it – I believe it that passionately.