Who is Alan N. Webber?

Alan is the owner of a transportation and logistics firm. He is also a newspaper columnist, blogger, and weekly podcast host. He resides in both Illinois and Arizona.

That’s me and my main squeeze of over 40 years. Yes, I outkicked my punt coverage. No, I’m not Jerry Garcia, I just look like him. 

More About Me

  • Married for a long time with four children and eleven grandchildren. 
  • Semi-retired living on a mountain in Arizona.  
  • Op-ed writer for a few newspapers.  
  • Published author of the book Whipping Post and the sequel, Roll Me Away.  
  • Avid Green Bay Packer, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Blackhawks fan. 
  • I spend a lot of time honing terrible golf skills around AZ and IL.  
  • Fanatic classic rock, blues, and classical piano aficionado. I don’t listen to music – I feel it!