The  newest ploy by the Swamp may be more sinister than what we’ve seen to  date. Not content with allowing the court system to work – even with  shady characters like Jack Smith – or leave representation up to voters,  now another group is coming after Donald Trump. This is despite his  commanding lead in all polls.

Microsoft  Start page has a story from a website called She-Finds with the  headline, “Election Officials In 3 States Are Preparing To Disqualify  Trump From Running For President In 2024.” Of course, along with the  story is an unflattering picture of a bewildered Trump. This is par for  the course with the Microsoft page, as it’s usually full of unflattering  pictures and negative headlines about Trump.

She-Finds  is a website for women. Their mission statement states it’s a  destination where women are inspired to treat themselves. They are  committed to making women feel good with fun, approachable editorial  coverage of fashion & beauty news, and style tips.

The website claims election officials in three states are examining the 14th Amendment to keep Trump off the ballot. The 14th Amendment, Section 3, states an elected official cannot assume public  office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United  States unless the official in question is granted amnesty by a  two-thirds vote of Congress.

Seems to me these three states might have their cart before their horse. Using the 14th Amendment would require a large leap of faith that Trump was culpable in the January 6th protest, a charge nobody has been able to stick him with. Nor has Congress voted on the matter.

Despite  arguments from two Federalist Society members, William Baude and  Michael Paulson, who parrot arguments by retired judge Michael Luttig  and law professor, Laurence Tribe published in the liberal rag, “The  Atlantic” I contend that Trump might need to be convicted of  insurrection first. In this country, we are presumed innocent until  proven guilty. She-Finds clearly feels because Baude, Paulson, Luttig  and Tribe think Trump guilty, it must be true.

I looked up these “legal scholars.” As surmised, they all have their thumbs on the scales of justice.

Baude is a Biden appointee toPresidential Commission on the Supreme Court. I wonder who he voted for? Ball one.

Paulson  is a professor, speaker, and member of the Federalist Society. The  Federalist Society does not believe the 2020 election was stolen and  anyone that does should be distanced from conservative groups. This  would appear to be the reason they would like to exclude Trump from the  ballot – what Americans want be damned. Ball two.

Luttig is a retired federal judge from the 4th Circuit in Richmond VA, encompassing an area from Maryland to Eastern  North Carolina. This would include Washington DC, prime Swamp real  estate. Nearly everyone within that district hates Trump. Luttig is a  George W. Bush appointee – that would be the same Bush that despises  Trump. He left the judge position to become senior Vice President of  Boeing, where his last salary in 2015 was $4,236,580. He resigned when  the Boeing 737’s were grounded. Ball three.

The  81-year-old Tribe has lots of fancy law titles the academic world  prides themselves in, and of which are useless in the real world. He  boasts former law students Barrack Obama, Merrick Garland, Elana Kagan,  Adam Schiff, and Jamie Raskin – a virtual who’s who of Trump enemies.  Schiff and Raskin were both lead managers in the Trump impeachments.  Ball four.

She-Finds feels these men lend credibility to enacting the 14th Amendment against Trump. Would you believe I find these four men’s  credentials combine to only give Trump a pass. Given what I dug up on  the four, it appears She-Finds should go back to making women feel good  and leave politics the hell alone. They should have realized if  something is published by “The Atlantic,” it’s going to be about as  credible as another Dr. Fauci statement.

Evidently,  the states of Arizona, Georgia, Maine, Michigan Nevada, New Hampshire,  and Pennsylvania have been discussing Trump’s viability on the ballot  for over a year, according to the Democrat Michigan Secretary of State,  Jocelyn Benson. They’re studying it and we need to be made aware of it  she stated. Oh really, a bunch of liberal Democrats are considering  whether we, the great unwashed, have the right to vote for our candidate  of choice. Awful considerate of ya, Ms. Benson. Reminds me of two  wolves and a chicken voting on what’s for dinner.

Incidentally,  there has been a movement started on X (Twitter) for a write-in  campaign should the Swamp be successful at illegally removing Trump from  the ballot. Keep this option in mind with this latest Deep State ploy.

Begs the question though, why are they so afraid of Trump.