Democrats, the dumpster fire that is the world right now is your fault.

With heartfelt apologies, perhaps it’s time we take a break from the wall-to-wall coverage of the death of Matthew Perry to address other issues going on in the world. I’m surprised the media hasn’t gotten around to asking Biden, Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu want they think of Mr. Perry’s demise. 

The world seems to be on fire right now. Russia is pounding Ukraine into oblivion, while Israel, in retaliation is doing the same to Hamas in Gaza. Iran is probably next, which will catapult the world into further chaos. China is looking on while waiting for a chance to glob onto Tawain, figuring nobody would notice. 

Meanwhile back here in US, useless professors at liberal colleges are stirring up impressionable and ignorant students. They use this opportunity to voice anti-Semitic sentiments to further divide an already deeply divided country – sentiments they would have never uttered on their own. The fact that Hamas bombed Israel first seems inconsequential to those now busting their spleens to defend Hamas, described as an Islamist political and military organization 

Our border is hemorrhaging people coming here illegally, while we have no clue who some of them are nor what to do with them now that they are here. Some of those illegal immigrants are even importing China’s drugs with them, killing our kids. 

As usual, the Democrats want to fork over large sums of other-people’s-money at the situation. $105 billion is currently the going price this month, although there will be more requests coming behind that. Methinks that some of those massive amounts of money have a way of being skimmed and finding its way back to politicians’ pockets, but there again, I’m suspicious and from Chebanse. 

Seems like hating our fellow American citizens is becoming all the rage now. Anarchy is running amok. The media is orgasmic. Never has business been so good for our nation’s media. They can now bombard us, no pun intended, with horrific battle scenes from Israel non-stop, taking time out only to see what everyone and their brother thinks about Matthew Perry dying. The FOX internet news page last Tuesday had 4 stories of the Israeli conflict and four on Matthew Perry. 

Sometimes the media takes the time to expound on the fears that Trump might actually win the next election. To our media and the Swamp, a Trump presidency again is something to be feared as a negative event evidently on par with dying of COVID. This is of course, despite what nearly 75 million “deplorable” Americans think. 

Democrats, the dumpster fire that is the world right now is your fault. It was you who stuck us first with Barrack Obama to “fundamentally change our country. It was Democrats who then followed that up by awarding Obama’s puppet,  Joe Biden, the presidency through chicanery that would make Al Capone blush. 

Most experts agree Putin would have never attacked Ukraine had someone like Trump, or preferably Trump himself, been in office. Same for the Middle East matter. And those 2 million illegals now in our country would still be wallowing back home in their socialistic countries. By now, many of them must be thinking of how warm it is back home and if the cold is worth voting Democrat. 

Democrats are trying to destroy this country, folks. It really is that simple. I have enumerated hundreds of examples in past commentaries and podcasts. Mark Levin has written a book about it – called The Democrat party hates America. 

We were all heir to the greatest country ever in the history of Earth and Democrats keep wanting to fundamentally change it.  Those are the very words they use – fundamental change. Change at the basic level. Why?

They scoff at our country’s founders, labeling them racists and removing their history daily, as if we would have been better off without them. They deride our Constitution and Bill of Rights, trying to bend them to fit their lustful political agendas, rather than the grand agenda laid out by our Founding Fathers. Democrat logic is habitually flawed as they take issues, such as killing babies, to demand as a “basic” human right, while at the same time owning guns to protect oneself is not. 

No country now or ever has been perfect, but why do Dems insist on throwing out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to our country, which is the envy of the world. People die trying to get here because there is nothing better out there for them. 

The world is a scary place right now. Thanks Democrats.