We have our own version of propaganda right here at home.

Wikipedia describes propaganda as communication primarily used to persuade an audience to further an agenda. The agenda may be to use language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to information. Sort of like lying.

During World War 2, radio programs such as Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally regularly broadcast propaganda to the Allied troops to inform them of their evil ways and what might be going on back home while they were fighting. One woman with Axis Sally, Mildred Gillars was caught, tried, and sent to prison for 12 years for treason.

The United States started propaganda radio during WW1, which waned after the war. In 1942 Franklin Roosevelt’s “Voice of America” began to combat foreign propaganda with our own version. It’s still in operation today, heard by 326 million non-Americans.

We have our own version of propaganda right here at home. Replacing National Educational Radio, National Public Radio was hatched in 1970. Bernard Mayes, a gay atheist, was its first chairman of the board. Headquartered in Washington DC, where else, it claims to serve as a national syndicator to over a thousand radio stations with a weekly audience of nearly 15 million listeners. NPR’s own polling showed their audience had become less diverse over the years. In 2011 they considered themselves as slightly left leaning, but overwhelmingly left by 2023. A survey they ran showed only 11% of their listeners were conservative.

NPR is funded from the dues of non-profit member stations, which includes left-wing universities, corporate sponsors, and grants from the left-wing Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB board is appointed by the president and receives funding from the Federal government. Contrary to what left-wing media trumpets, the CFB shovels massive sums of money to NPR. This indicates taxpayer money is being used for left-wing purposes of NPR propaganda. This is about as repulsive as my tax dollars used for abortion.

Last week, a senior business editor at NPR confirmed they were a propaganda arm to the Democrat party. Interviewed by The Free Press, Uri Berliner, a 25-year NPR employee, stated the “2016 election encouraged NPR journalists to find ways to damage or tAdam Schiff, opple Trump’s presidency. He admitted they promoted the Russia collusion story on Trump and were in cahoots with California reprobate, I mean representative Adam Schiff. Wouldn’t this be an act of treason for trying to topple a sitting president? And we’re paying for this?

Schiff, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee, a glaring oxymoron, led the impeachment into Trump and was later censored by the House for his shiftless rumors. “Schiff, the top Democrat on the Committee, became “NPR’s guiding hand, its ever-present muse,” Berliner recalled.

Berliner wasn’t done. Elaborating, he mentioned their distorted coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop, the COVID lab-leak theory, and the claims of systemic racism during the George Floyd insurrections. He confessed the DC editorial staff had 87 registered Democrats and zero Republicans.

Berliner admits he voted against Trump. He may not have been for Trump, but at least he had a conscience about the way Trump was being treated by the company he worked for.  When Mueller’s report showed no evidence of Russian collusion, NPR said little about their findings and it faded from programming.

And we the people, have been paying for NPR’s yellow journalism to the tune of millions of dollars yearly. An exact number will never be known due to obfuscation and nifty accounting tricks.

When Trump found out, he rightfully went ballistic. On his Truth Social platform, Trump shouted, “NO MORE FUNDING FOR NPR, A TOTAL SCAM! EDITOR SAID THEY HAVE NO REPUBLICANS AND IS ONLY USED TO ‘DAMAGE TRUMP.’ THEY ARE A LIBERAL DISINFORMATION MACHINE. NOT ONE DOLLAR!!” It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment.

The following day after the Berliner interview, the folks at NPR had their shorts in a wad. Justifying themselves, their chief news executive, Edith Chapin said there has been a strategic emphasis on diversity and inclusion based on race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation that was instilled by former CEO, John Lansing. She added, “We believe that inclusion — among our staff, with our sourcing, and in our overall coverage — is critical to telling the nuanced stories of this country…blah, blah, blah.”

Now I might be from Chebanse, but doesn’t her statements smack of racism? They hired based on race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, rather than the best candidate. (Side note – what does one’s sexual preference have to do with a job! Imagine that interview with HR?) It seems NPR purposely hired left-wingers all the while taking taxpayer money.

Trump is right, not one more dime to NPR.