J6 Committee Corruption

Respected journalist Mollie Hemingway and The Federalist has reported that Liz Cheney and her Cabal suppressed evidence during the sham January 6th committee proceedings. Turns out Trump requested 10,000 National Guard troops to be present for assistance at the Capitol for the gathering crowd. This information has been hidden from us for over three years. You may want to read that last sentence again.

The Cheney Cabal falsely claimed they had no evidence to support Trump’s claims he offered troop assistance. This information came from the interview of Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato that Cheney herself participated in January 2022. Oranato’s description of the events match that of testimony by Kash Patel, the former acting secretary of defense.

In the interview, Ornato stated he heard White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the phone advising DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for troops to defend the city. He also testified under oath that Trump suggested 10,000 soldiers were needed at the rallies scheduled for January 6. Both Trump backers and left-wing groups were planning protests the same day.