We Are Being Besieged From Within

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be aware there are major issues at our southern border. At the same time, we are financing a war in Ukraine, fighting another war in the Middle East, struggling under Bidenomics, fearing China will glob onto Tawain, and evidently, white supremacists are plotting to take over the country. Thanks Biden voters.

To make matters worse, California is about to slide into the ocean, Tucker Carlson ran off to Russia to make nice with Vladimir Putin, Tobey Keith died, and Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce stories are burying us. They are the shiny thing we’re supposed to notice while political gamesmanship continues.

Politicians in Washington play partisan politics over Americans biggest concern, the invasion by illegal immigrants at our southern border. We are being besieged, folks. This is not some humanitarian issue as some would like us to believe, it’s an attack by foreign countries invading us. The numbers are now in excess of 300,00 people per month – it’s insanity we’re allowing this. Countries worldwide are sending us their criminals, their terrorist, their poor, and most curiously young men of military age. They bring with them drugs that kill our kids, terrorists and diseases we long thought were exterminated.