Another no brainer!

This month’s Asshat of the Month is RINO Liz Cheney, from Wyoming. If you look carefully at the picture above you might see Liz’s father, former vice president Dick Cheney, with his hand up the back of her blouse, moving her lips. I am certain he is behind Liz’s “Get trump at any cost” campaign and has torpedoed his daughters political aspirations in the process.

Entering into a cozy relationship with gal-pal Nancy Pelosi, Lizz supported the second impeachment of Trump for the January 6th protest at the Capitol. The position cost her the Wyoming representative seat, as the voters drummed her out of office by a landslide, as well as her status in the Republican party where was she censored. Pelosi offered her co-chair of the J6 committee, and shockingly, she took it, more than likely at the direction of her father, himself an anti-Trumper. Also selected for the committee was fellow RINO and Swamp member Adam Kinzinger, who was more than likely selected to fetch coffee for both Lizzy and Pelosi. Not a great career move for Cheney, although it has been hinted she is actually considering a run for president in 2024.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it has recently been learned Cheney personally suppressed information that would exonerate any Trump involvement in the J6 protest. There is now a new committee that has to examine the information and motives of the original committee she chaired. In other words, she failed miserably on every level of her involvement in the entire affair and was an easy choice for Asshat of the Month. It wouldn’t surprise me if her next position is a member of the “Assassinate Trump” campaign, using her father’s famous shot gun.