Biden could stop this insanity tomorrow.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be aware there are major issues at our southern border. At the same time, we are financing a war in Ukraine, fighting another war in the Middle East, struggling under Bidenomics, fearing China will glob onto Tawain, and evidently, white supremacists are plotting to take over the country. Thanks Biden voters.  

To make matters worse, California is about to slide into the ocean, Tucker Carlson ran off to Russia to make nice with Vladimir Putin, Tobey Keith died, and Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce stories are burying us. They are the shiny thing we’re supposed to notice while political gamesmanship continues.  

Politicians in Washington play partisan politics over Americans biggest concern, the invasion by illegal immigrants at our southern border. We are being besieged, folks. This is not some humanitarian issue as some would like us to believe, it’s an attack by foreign countries invading us. The numbers are now in excess of 300,00 people per month – it’s insanity we’re allowing this. Countries worldwide are sending us their criminals, their terrorist, their poor, and most curiously young men of military age. They bring with them drugs that kill our kids, terrorists and diseases we long thought were exterminated.   

Joe Biden mumbled – ”House Republicans have to decide. Do they want to solve the problem? Or do they want to keep playing politics with the border? I’ve made my decision. I’m ready to solve the problem.” Bull! This statement is political gamesmanship by whoever makes up the statements they slide under Biden to read.

Think about this folks, Biden is suing Texas to prevent Texas from enforcing the border. To what end?

Section 212(f) of the 1952 Immigration & Nationality Act allows the president to close the border. President Eisenhower did it. Then, when Left-Wing bureaucrats hunker down with their left-leaning judges to use the court system to override the presidents mandate, the president can get around them by ordering a travel ban, as Trump did.

Illegals are overriding the capabilities of the so-called sanctuary cities to house and feed the people Texas Governor Greg Abbott is gifting them. I don’t feel sorry for those Democrat cities one bit.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams thinks so highly of his illegals that he’s giving them access to public schools and gyms, plus credit cards, all at taxpayer expense. Illegals are so grateful they are beating cops, attacking elderly women, and giving the finger to media camera’s.

Our emissary, evidently now Dr. Phil, returned from the border recently to offer his two cents. Claiming he talked to experts, whoever that is, who stated the actual number of illegals illegally entering since Biden took office is closer to 14 million, not the 6 million reported by the media and Biden.  Phil told Sean Hannity the “experts” state they don’t need more resources, officers, money, or legislation. They only need to be allowed to follow the laws on the books and the problem would go away overnight. You might want to read that last sentence again.

Phil also said illegal migrants recognize uniform differences the officers wear at the border.  When approaching a brown uniformed officer -the Texas Department of Public Safety, – they get arrested before being booted back to Mexico. If they run into a green uniformed Federal agent, they get money, a court date ten years down the road and allowed to enter our country. Illegals hide from the “brown officers” but run to the “green officers.” We must look like fools to them.

A border bill before Congress that was going to  pass, probably won’t pass any time soon now  because Trump come out against it. I’m having trouble ascertaining if his lack of support is an election advantage issue as the media would have us believe or what is being attached to the bill (under our nose) is for more taxpayer money shipped to Ukraine and Israel. This gives everybody a reason to point a finger at everybody else, yell for the camera, while nothing gets done on our behalf. By the way, that bill would only have cost us schmucks $118 billion to add on to our $34 trillion debt.

Republicans and Democrat are split within their own parties over the new illegal immigration bill. I suspect they are taking the temperature of how it will affect their re-election chances.

And more Congressional pathetic failure – they split evenly on impeaching the Cuban-born DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Regardless of the eventual results, consider the complete failure of both the border and Mayorkas issues. It’s ludicrous we pay for this circus.

Biden could stop this insanity tomorrow. In the time it took to write this, another 702 illegal immigrants lay siege upon our country.