More Ramblings from A Grumpy Old Man…

Are you sick of the anti-Israeli protesters. I am. But honestly I have never thought much about pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian groups. Those people have been fighting since 1882 when an Arab man was accidentally shot by a Jewish guard during a wedding. Every time you think the dust has settled there, a conflict springs back up. It’s beyond tedious.

But, to paraphrase the late Andy Rooney, I have Jewish friends. Good, upstanding people they are. They don’t seem any different than my non-Jewish friends. They put their pants on one leg at a time, breathe the same air, and bleed red just like me. I do have empathy for them in this most recent battle.

I don’t think I know any Palestinians, though. I’m sure there are many good ones who only want peace.  

I became more pro-Israel though when the Palestinian backed terrorist group, Hamas bombed Israel last October, killing hundreds of innocent people. Hamas seems hell-bent on obliterating Israel to take back a small piece of land they inhabited centuries ago. Consider that Israel is just 263 miles long, almost the same as the state of Indiana, although Indiana is twice as wide.

So, now we know Iran backs Hamas as well. Utilizing and funding terrorist’s groups to fight on your behalf is not conducive to receiving sympathy from logical thinking people.   

Diplomacy, as usual, has failed. Israel now seems hellbent to obliterate Hamas. It is this Israeli retaliation that has caused malcontents, fueled by professional agitators using gullible college students, to riot, under the guise of a protest. Fact is, most of the rioters couldn’t find Israel or Iran on a map.

It is mind-boggling people have issues with Israel rather than the aggressor, Hamas. Many of the protests have turned violent. Had we a stable and sober government, the protests would have been physically restrained.

During the Obama Administration, certain groups of people got the idea they could commit anarchy anytime they were butt-hurt about something. Obama was a disciple of the socialist Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals. Obama and AG Eric Holder purposely sat back while Antifa – professional paid terrorists – infiltrated peaceful protests.

Then, still under Obama’s presidency, came the St. Louis race riots, which Obama only inflamed with absurd remarks. This anarchy would eventually usher the country into the George Floyd riots for an entire summer, mimicking third world country anarchy.  

Many of these pro-Palestinian radicals rioting today were witness to how our government pathetically mishandled those riots. Many involved are professionally paid terrorists, hellbent on destabilizing this country. They are being aided by gullible college students blindly following like sheep and throwing childish temper tantrums.

Biden’s dilly addling on this issue is certainly not helping his election chances, despite how much college debt he buys with our money. We know he is sending our money to Israel, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn he’s sending money to Palestine too. We know he is aiding Iran just by his relaxed policies on Iranian oil sanctions.

Although not nearly enough, some protesters have been arrested. One was US Representative Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi. Hirsi was arrested at a protest in Columbia University in New York. It should be noted that Hirsi does not attend Columbia, but she had been suspended from Barnard College earlier that same day. Omar praised her daughter for her arrest on social media.

Malcontents simply have no right to commit anarchy by destroying property or blocking highways. It’s illegal and long past time to be met with like any other criminal act. Policemen should not have to be at the front line listening to spoiled college kids or agitators screaming at them either. The National Guard should be assigned the front lines for this or any insurrection, something Trump might very well do.

Given what Obama allowed, protesters seem to believe they can run amok on society. Any act of stepping outside the boundaries of a peaceful protest should be met severely by a National Guardsman, followed by a few months in prison and expulsion from college. While in the pokey, protestors can tend to the knot a Guardsman placed on their head.

Furthermore, the burning of an American flag or shouting “Death to America” while standing on American soil should be dealt with extra harshly. Perhaps we should exile them to China…where they can pick out their new teeth they’re going to need.  

It’s time we took our country back. Elect Donald Trump in November.