These jokers can’t even pass a budget to run the government.

Coming off his recent Washington DC campaign speech, cloaked as a State of the Union, Biden proposed a 2025 budget of $7.3 trillion That’s an important distinction because it meant he got airtime for no charge to shake his fist at his “predecessor” and Republicans, rather than tell us anything substantial about the actual state of the union.

$7.3 trillion is 7.3 and then nine zero folks. With 7.3 trillion bucks, if you spent a million dollars per day, it would take you 19,180 years to spend it. Don’t have that much time and you’re thinking ten years would be more reasonable – then you would spend $730 billion dollars per day. With that kind of money, you could own both the Wal Mart and Pepsi corporations, plus pick up the New York Yankees, all on day one. The next day you can do something similar all over again.   

I know some readers do not care for name-calling, but come on, man, the excessive spending this president is doing is going to bring this nation to its knees. We can’t afford this bonehead; he’s mortgaging our grandchildren’s future. He spends money at a quicker pace than the dumb comments from the women on the View.

To pay for it, he intends to implement $5 trillion in tax increases. He thinks this will be paid for by corporations, which will be required to pay 28% instead of the current 21% corporate tax. But that’s not all, as those companies reporting over a billion dollars profit will also be saddled with a 15% minimum tax, or a minimum of $150 million. He’s also going to curb executive pay while he’s at it.   

You billionaires and multi-millionaires are going to start paying more too. Bonehead is going to whip on you a 25% minimum tax on Americans worth more than $100 million. It’s called a Billionaires tax, but what the hell, let’s tax all those folks that have made more money than Biden could steal. Yeah right, we’re gonna get people worth over $100 million to pony up $25 million in taxes. Folks, you might want to start investing in overseas banks as they will be awash in money.

Then look at what Bonehead intends to do with all that new money if he’s able to collect it. For openers, he wants to dedicate $8 billion to the American Climate Corp, and then another $3 billion for the Green Climate Fund helping other countries fight “climate change.”

And then there is the $1.8 billion to be given to STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. On its face, that may sound reasonable, except that money is going to develop programs within those fields specifically for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. In other words, not to advance those programs, but to expand failed WOKE policies in order to dumb down the programs to the lowest common denominator.

Let’s say he gets corporations and the uber-wealthy to pay the $5 trillion – guess who the hell is going to foot the other $2.7 trillion. Look in the mirror. This is what you get when you have a brain-addled man at the top and a bunch of socialistic bureaucrats guiding him.

This program has little to no chance of getting through the House, which controls spending, but the way politics work, now that the ceiling has been established, the politicking and back-room deals start. In the end, Biden will get much of what he wanted, but not before everyone on the right gets to pound their chests to say how much they saved us.

The House issued a Republican plan last week to cut $14 trillion from budget spending…over ten years. Oh boy, a whopping $1.4 trillion a year. They claim they will do this by slashing federal benefits and social programs, reducing taxes, and rolling back Bonehead’s green energy subsidies.

You wanna bet? These jokers can’t even pass a budget to run the government, which by the way, that anguish will kick up all over again about March 20th, so get ready.

Folks, it has been proven that our national debt is not a problem that can be taxed away. We have a spending problem. We have to elect politicians that understand their job in Washington DC is to get our debt down before we drown it. It’s vitally important to the long term health of this country.