The world is laughing at us for our downfall.

Recently, a Manhattan NY “jury” decided to-hell-with-American-democracy, we’re taking Trump out. Twelve jurors, which included two lawyers (who puts lawyers on a jury?) dutifully followed instructions set by a corrupt judge, leading to Trump’s conviction.

The “convictions” stemmed from $130,000 in a hush money payment Trumps attorney, Michael Cohen made to porn actress Stormy Daniels supposedly on behalf of Trump before the 2016 election. Cohn, a confessed serial liar with a prison record admitted he had a personal vendetta against Trump and to stealing cash from Trump. Incredibly, jurors heard that testimony, and ruled against Trump anyway.

Although there is a written record of a transaction, Trump strangely denies there was hush money paid. Regardless, I’ve never understood why any of this is our business, or that of the Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, a Soros shill, for that matter.  If it happened, wouldn’t that have been a private matter between two individuals. (You suppose Daniels paid the taxes on that money?)

But this singular transgression by Trump was stretched to an indictment of 34 counts by Bragg. One might think that ordinarily, one illegal act would amount to one indictment, but not when the Democrat party is pushing to keep their opposition tied up in court. So, the one act became 34 counts by charging for each check, invoice or voucher generated to repay Cohn, who had paid Daniels.  

“Highlights” of the judge’s thumb on the scale in the trial included denying the defense to call a witness to testify that no campaign-finance laws were broken. Or, allowing Daniels to testify with her titillating, and entirely useless testimony. Or, often shutting down the defense while allowing the prosecution to commit multiple court violations, including lies in their closing statement.

And it got even more bizarre. The judge told the jurors they didn’t have to agree on what exactly Trump did. It was left to the jurors to form their own ideas of what was the crime Trump committed. This is our system of jurisprudence today? What are the Democrats so afraid of with Trump that they would commit this kind of tragedy on our system of justice.

Suppose Trump did pay Daniels for her silence. Who got hurt financially in this transaction? The answer is nobody, nor did any entity. Trump’s wife, Melania might have gotten hurt emotionally, but that is between her and her husband, not us.

The judge could sentence Trump to a 4 year prison sentence? Even you with Trump Derangement Syndrome must see this as a corrupt ploy by the Democrat party to slow down Trump’s run for the presidency. Folks, these are tactics used in 3rd world countries, banana republics, and communist governments.  

Eventually, this kangaroo trial will get thrown out, either on appeal in New York, or ultimately the Supreme Court. These charges will not stick. But in the meantime, Biden will call Trump a convicted felon daily, all the way up to the election. Additionally, Trump will be drug before the court whenever they take a notion, rather than being on the campaign trail.

Is this the kind of nation we have become; where we use the judicial system to thwart the efforts of political opposition? I would have liked to think we are better than that. It appears however the Democrat party will stop at nothing to keep Trump from regaining a foothold in their Swamp. It wouldn’t surprise me that when this verdict does get overturned the Democrats don’t try to assassinate him. They’re running out of options.

To Bragg, Judge Merchan, and the twelve jurists looking for book deals, the entire nation and much of the world knows of the shenanigans you just pulled off. You’ve now designed a blueprint for future dishonest politicians to use the judicial system to take down their opponents as well. You’ve made a mockery of our judicial system and embarrassed our country. And you did it brazenly in the largest fishbowl in America, Manhattan NY. The world is laughing at us for our downfall. You’re a blight on our country.

More than likely, Trump will appeal directly to the Supreme Court to fast-track this absurd situation. It’s anybody’s guess if the Supreme Court will take the case at this time. If they don’t take it right away, it will be appealed to a New York appellate court. This process could take months or years to conclude.

Interestingly, by the weekend after the verdict, Trump collected another $52.8 million dollars to his campaign. I sent my check in a few days later.