Webber's Endorsement for President

Next November 5th, I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for president. It will be the third time in nine years throwing my support his way.

Initially, I voted for Trump because he was not a politician. He’s a self-made, wealthy businessman without political baggage. I admire people who can start from nothing and make something of themselves. My father was like that.

Given my disdain for most politicians, I admire the fact Trump isn’t one. Politicians don’t own him – he answers to banks and shareholders. To do that, you have to have a good relationship with people.

Trump’s presidency had some ups and downs, but few people suffered under Trump as they are now under Biden. Yes, Trump is brash and vain. Do you want a church mouse as your president? Trump knows how to wheel and deal. He’s used his business acumen and tough-nosed NY persona on the national and world stage, leading by being an America-first president. What the hell is wrong with that?