Presidential Popularity Polls

Webster tells us a scholar is a person who has done advanced study in a special field. It also calls a scholar a learned person. I’m going to show how that is not always true.

Consider Webster’s words as you read the politically biased rubbish that 154 so-called-scholars unleashed for the liberal media to gobble and regurgitate last week.

As gleefully reported by the main-stream media, “scholars” produced a presidential rating system that, of no surprise, ranks Donald Trump as the worst president in history. Those so-called scholars might have as well thrown a ham hock into the middle of a pack of coyotes to match the feeding frenzy by the media.

We shouldn’t be surprised of a last-placed ranking for Trump by a band of collegiate professors. The report smacks of so much malarky that it points out the rot exists in American academia. Sadly, most professors today have about as much credibility as an Anthony Fauci report.

Pathetically, these 154 “scholars” rated Joe Biden the 14th best president of all time, and then Barack Obama 7th. Go ahead and chuckle now before continuing to listen.