Don't Outlaw Guns, Outlaw Anti-Gun Groups

After being shot at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade the poor Lisa Lopez-Galvan had not been buried yet nor the family time to grieve before anti-gun zealots stomped all over her memory. The mother of two was the only person to die in the shootout. At least 22 other innocent people were harmed.

As of the time of this writing, there have been three people arrested. One has been released and two kids charged. It appears the gun violence was a result of a dispute, and in my mind, bad parenting.

The anti-gun organization known as March for Our Lives was out quickly doing a great deal of the stomping. This is a student-led organization which promotes demonstrations in support of gun control while the rest of us are out working.

MFOL began shouting that the shooting was “depressingly American.” The group claims to be young activists “promoting civic engagement, education, and direct action to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence.”

Epidemic of gun violence? Did you know on the day of the shooting, there were 82,880,000 legal gun owners, owning 393 million guns that did not kill anybody?