Inside The House of Deadbeats

Congressional Deadbeats presently have an approval rating of 12%, about the same as dirt. Disgraced president Richard Nixon’s approval rating never got that low. Inept president Jimmy Carter’s rating never got that low. George Santos from NY was recently expelled from Congress. His 13% favorability rating was higher than the collective body tossing him out.

Members of Deadbeat Nation are paid $174,000 per year, plus the unconstitutional payout they voted themselves last year of $34,000 for expenses encountered in the Swamp. None of that expense has to be documented – they all just get it. This makes their salary, according to my Chebanse Elementary education, to be $208,000 per Deadbeat. They are paid higher than 93% of Americans.

The Deadbeats were in session “working” a mere 117 days in the last term. Only fifty bills have been passed under their governance, about half what is normal. They spend as much or more time begging for money to stay in their cushy position in the Swamp than working for us.