Biden Will Not Win

Not only do I not believe Biden will get the Democrat nomination, I also don’t believe the others running on the Democrat side will be the ultimate candidate. That would include Robert Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, Marianne Williamson, Dean Phillips, or somebody named Cenk Uygur.

(If you’ve never heard of Mr. Uygur either, he’s a Turkish-born politician, commentator, and media host. This begs the question; I thought one had to be born here to run for president.)

The Democrat party leadership, although seriously flawed in their ideology, are no dummies. In fact, these comrades are as intellectually formidable as they are socialist. They’re taking their time until after the Republican convention, held a month before the Democrat convention, to see if Trump has been tossed in prison for their considerable sham efforts, and if so, who has taken his place. At that time, they will decide if they want to run California Governor Gavin Newsom or Hillary “But It’s My Turn” Clinton. Clinton will be 77 years-old by the 2024 election and has gotten quite “frumpy,” seeing Russia behind every tree. They also believe they have Michelle Obama in the wings if they need a heavy weight, although it doesn’t seem like that is on Michelle’s docket right now.

Another person who won’t be on the 2024 ticket is VP Kamala “Giggles” Harris. It will be very interesting to see what they figure out to do with her. She probably sees herself as heir apparent once Biden has been put in the Alzheimer’s ward of the nearest Delaware retirement home. You can bet, she will not be instilled as Vice President again either.

After those candidates, there’s not much else available. I can’t see them running Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, or Bernie Sanders up the flagpole again. Perhaps they might throw up (pardon the pun) Michigan’s socialist governor Gretchen Whitmer, but I think Trump could beat her from prison. Same for the worthless Pete Buttigieg.

It appears right now it will be Trump against Newsom. If the Dems are successful at reserving a prison cell for Trump, then it will be DeSantis against Newsom. Are we dumb enough to run our country like California.