Last  Thursday, September 7th, CNN ran an  article stating, “Biden’s defenders  brush off concerns over his age and  approval rating as polls show  warning signs.” 

While   it’s difficult to trust CNN reporting, and their ratings would suggest   most of America feels that way, it was the most recent article found   concerning Biden’s polling numbers. 

A   CNN poll released the same day has Biden’s approval rating at 39%.   Another statistic claimed nearly 75% of Americans think he’s too old to   serve another term. Still another poll claimed there was no clear  winner  in a contest between Biden and Trump for the 2024 election, who  is  dominating the Republican field right now. 

There’s   a lot of unpacking to do with those last three statements, but before I   go there, I have to tell you what Kamala Harris said about Biden. She   was asked by CBS News about a poll showing 67% of Americans believe   Biden is too old to run again. Her response, “Joe Biden is going to be   fine. I think the American people, most of all, want a leader who   actually gets things done.” You suppose she’s being intentionally   obtuse? 

The   synonyms for the word “obtuse” are simple-minded, thick-headed,   imperceptive, dull, and slow. You pick the word you think applies. So,   67-75% of Americans believe he’s too old, yet her response is he’s  going  to be fine, and America wants his leadership. 

Not   to be outdone, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said “voting for   President Biden is going to be about preserving our democracy. And I   think a lot of Americans are going to show up to do that.” Would that  be  obtuse?

White   House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, not stranger to being   obtuse, piped in last week about Biden’s trip to India, “no other   president has been able to do the job like Biden.” 

But   that’s their job I guess, to prop up the Democrat president, the good   of the country be damned. Whatever it takes to keep Dems in power, huh?

What   I’m really concerned about though is that 39% of the voting population   approve of the job Biden has been doing. Or the 32% who doesn’t think   the sometimes-confused octogenarian is not too old to run again. Keep  in  mind folks, names are not listed, the polls are anonymous. That  would  indicate, those people either: 

a)   Believe the media hype, oblivious of the controversies surrounding   arguably the worst president in history. This is most likely due to not   paying attention to the news or reading headlines only, called low   information voters, or;

b) Have some sort of financial gain with Biden in office, or; 

c)   Hate Trump so badly they are willing to take the country down to deny   Trump taking office again. These people may be part of the Swamp that   fear exposure, or:

d) Hold a portion of all the above-named reasons. 

If   one believes the last election numbers, which I don’t, but for ease of   illustration, am using to determine the number of people still in   Biden’s corner. Eighty-one million people supposedly (yeah right) voted   for Biden and another 75 million voted for Trump, equaling 156 million   votes. If those same 156 million were to vote again, and 39% vote for   Biden, it would mean there are 60.4 million people who have a favorable   opinion of the job Biden is doing. As mind blowing as that is, it  means  over 60 million people have no issue with Biden’s:

a)   Taking foreign cash for favors, including sending billions of taxpayer   dollars recurrently to Ukraine, as an example, to cover for the $10 or   $20 million they paid him and his son. That cash going to Ukraine  should  have been going to the people in Maui or E. Palestine Ohio. 

b) Son Hunter’s corrupt exploits. 

c) The Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco. 

d) The price of energy and subsequent gutting our infrastructure in favor of useless alternative energy sources. 

e) The collapse of our southern border and the ensuing fentanyl epidemic killing Americans. 

f) China’s unchecked aggression, potential payoffs, and those ridiculous weather balloons. 

g) Inflation and debt. 

h) The gutting of our military for wokeness policies.

i) Onset of dementia.

j) Etc.…..

I   can somewhat understand some people having an issue with Trump. He’s   brash, rude, and makes insensitive remarks at times. He doesn’t   subscribe to wokeness. But there are good alternate candidates from   Trump with DeSantis, Ramaswamy, and Haley. And for that matter, Kennedy   is not that bad of an option either on the Dem side. All five of those   candidates mentioned would be much better options than Biden. Yet, if   polls can be believed, it would appear over 60 million would vote for   Biden again. 

Defies logic.