No contest here. Here we had twelve jurors, picked from a large pool in Manhattan NY, who swore to uphold justice. Instead, they found Trump guilty of all 34 counts of allegedly falsifying businesses records. All 34 counts – guilty. They couldn’t find one charge to find Trump non-guilty.

Seven men and five women had the opportunity to put an end to a sham trial, one that will more than likely be overturned before a higher, and fairer court. They could have said enough of the Democrats using our justice system to stop Trump from being president. It was an awesome responsibility they had, and they failed spectacularly. Guilty on all 34 counts brought against Trump by the corpulent Alvin Bragg, a Soros tool who bragged he would “get Trump.” The entire country knew they were trumped up charges. Yet these jurors showed their liberal biases, long an issue in New York. In the process they became the jurors who assisted in bringing down Trump and making him a felon.

Keep in mind, these asshats sat in that jury watching a crazy judge, Juan Merchan make rulings against Trump and his defense team every step of the way. At the same time, they say the judge helping the prosecution. They surely saw the injustice going on yet did nothing to stop it. The fix was in from the beginning, and they became willing partners in the corruption. We all knew it, but we all thought that blind justice would prevail. It didn’t because of twelve jurors, nameless to us and history…until their book deals come out. Those 12 jurors are worthy recipients for Webber’s Asshat of the Month.

Their ridiculous verdict will be overturned, and they will be shown as the Dirty Dozen they are. Just have to wonder how life will be for them after Trump becomes president. Karma will certainly be a bitch.