Merchan is the Asshat who recently presided over Donald Trump’s criminal case which was brought by last month’s Asshat of the Month, Alvin Bragg. That name ring a bell? He was also the judge who presided over the criminal case against the Trump Organization. Oh, he will also be the judge to preside over the bogus criminal trial against Steve Bannon, who was a senior advisor in Trump’s White House.

There were at least twenty-four judges available to be selected, randomly they claim, and yet Merchan, AN ACTING JUST, just happened to get selected for all three, not recusing himself for any of them.

Merchan is a known liberal and had donated to the Biden campaign. And his daughter, Loren, is president of Authentic Campaigns (surely an oxymoron), a political consulting firm representing scum politicians like Adam Schiff. If you recall, Schiff was the lead prosecutor for Trump’s first impeachment. Two of her clients have raised $93 million in campaign donations for Democrats.

Mechan ran roughshod over Trump in which twelve jurors convicted Trump for 34 counts last week. When Trump complained of the way the trial was being adjudicated, Merchan slapped contempt of court fines on him, along with gag orders. You think there was a conflict of interest with this clown? Justice was not blind as there was no way Trump could get a fair trial in New York.

The fix was in against Trump by Merchan and his NY ilk, including the corpulent Bragg, and for that reason Merchan is WWP’s Asshat of the Month.