This one was hands down easy!

The Cuban born Alejandro Mayorkas was easily the Asshat of the month and is in strong contention for Asshat of the Year. The Department of Homeland Security chief has made an absolute mess of our southern border and lies about it daily when questioned. A minimum 6.7 million illegal immigrants have swarmed our southern border, although that figure is probably double.

Given the way Mayorkas answers questions before Congress, I have to wonder if this guy understands the English language. A representative would ask him a question and he would say virtually answer with the same thing to every question, mainly about what a great job he is doing and how proud he is of the people working under him.

If it were my call to make, Mayorkas would be fired, prosecuted for treason, and when his term was over, ship him back to Cuba. He is a disgrace to the office.