Alvin Bragg Jr. The 49 year-old is the corpulent shady lawyer who is the New York County District Attorney covering Manhattan.

After just 3 days of being in office, he announced the office would not prosecute some offenses such as prostitution, resisting arrest, fare evasion, and cannabis-related offenses. Additionally, lesser charges would be brought for burglaries, store robberies. In other words, just do whatever you want while in Manhattan.

With all those petty misdemeanors cleared out of his way, he could then set his sights on what might make him famous – taking down a former president, Donald Trump. Being a George Soros shill, he was mildly successful at bringing Trump off the campaign trail by dragging Trump through sham court proceedings in New York, broadcasted zealously by the media. Trump was indicted in March of 2023. A year later the court proceedings are still going on, although Bragg’s entire case becomes weaker by the day. At the same time, Trump is gaining in popularity.

Bragg was the first Black to be elected to that office. Given his inept track record, he might also be the last. As one pundit wrote, “Bragg should arrest himself for pretending to be an attorney.