The title of this commentary is probably not telling you anything you don’t already know. One might think wokism might have run its course, but like a cancer, wokism is still present in this country.  Consider:

Last Wednesday the House of Deadbeats passed a bill, the Equal Representation Act, to add a citizenship question to the census in 2030. Consider the implausible fact our representatives felt compelled to pass a bill to protect our citizenship…in the year 2024. Seems so 1776 to me. And here’s a real head-slapper, not one Democrat voted for it.

House Deadbeat Tom Emmer stated, “If you are an illegal immigrant, you should not be represented in the U.S. Congress.” In a sane, non-woke world, that statement should have been obvious. Republicans felt compelled to ensure states could not increase electors because the Census counted non-citizens.

If this bill can’t be turned over the next time the House is overrun with Democrats, then it would thwart the Democrats plan of open borders to attract more Democrat voters. And for those “conservatives suffering Trump Derangement” – Trump attempted to have this requirement added to the 2020 election. It was blocked by the Supreme Court.

Naturally, Democrats bawled about the bill as it might curtail some of their lust for power. Nannette Barragan, a California Deadbeat shrieked, “This requirement would deprive tens of millions of immigrants their right to representation.”

Tell me, in non-woke country, what rights to representation should an illegal immigrant have?  

In Denver Colorado the mayor curtailed city services to have extra money for illegal immigrant matters. Let that sink in, he took away services from tax paying citizens to throw at illegal immigrant matters. Last week, the city decided to issue orders for illegals to vacate their encampments.

The illegals told mayor Mike Johnston to stick his evacuation orders in his ear, then gave him a list of their demands. Included in the demands are provisions of culturally appropriate food, free medical visits, connections to employment support, and free immigration lawyers. If they don’t get their way, they ain’t leaving.

And the illegal immigrants added, “…we are not criminals and won’t be treated as such.”

So, we have fallen so deep into a woke rabbit hole, illegal immigrants are now making demands of our politicians. You can bet your sweet bippy these type actions will be coming to a city near you soon.

In 2003, Russian president Vladimir Putin threw a political opponent, Mikhail Khodorkovsky in prison for more than ten years on charges of tax evasion and fraud.  Khodorkovsky supported opposition to Putin and published a newspaper critical of the dictator.

US officials soundly accused Putin of abusing the legal system through “selective prosecution.” They claimed the cynical Russian legal system is where political enemies are eliminated.

So, fast-forward to today and tell me how what Putin did is any different than what is being done to Trump. To wit.  

In a sham New York trial, a judge has fined and is threatening to jail the Republican candidate for president for speaking out about the way he is being tried.

Then there is the sham Washington DC court case, where Trump is being tried for having presidential documents stored at his Florida home. At the same time, the government decided Biden, who also had documents, is too elderly to prosecute. Last week we further learned the prosecution has been mishandling the evidence.

And in a sham Georgia court case, Trump is accused of trying to sway an election.  It appears the prosecutor has more dirty laundry than Trump. Her case too is imploding.

These “legal” proceedings are politically motivated, and our nation is now acting like third world countries and dictators.  

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts of America changed their name to Scouting America. Their news release claimed the change “reflects its commitment to welcome every youth in America to experience the benefits of scouting.”

Bull! The name change is because they now accept girls, gays, and transgenders – just more wokeness shoved down the throats of the majority of Americans to satisfy a few malcontents.

There was a poll conducted at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. We can only hope all college students don’t agree with this bunch but given the ignorant college riots siding with terrorists’ organizations, one can surmise most are exceptionally woke. Incredibly, the ego-maniacal snowflakes at Vanderbilt listed abortion, climate change, and marijuana legalization as their top voting priorities.

Finally, it’s Biden that promotes all this wokeness. But to give you an idea of how out of touch with reality he is, he told CNN reporter Erin Burnett, when asked how he is going to turn the economy around, replied…

“I already have.”