Warning – this commentary may be rather acerbic.

If you’re seriously still considering voting for Biden after seeing a man with dementia in the last debate, read at your own risk. I don’t expect to change a Biden voter, as Liberals, Democrats, and anti-Trumpers are dug in, regardless of what another four years of Biden will do to this country. Frankly, I have more respect for people that, if they won’t vote for Trump, will vote for Robert Kennedy than a man with obvious signs of dementia.

Wednesday, I caught comments from Biden’s mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre. She is the first Gay, the first Black, the first French born, the fifth female in a row, the 39th to hold the position and the 7th female White House press secretary, and the oldest child in her family. I think she was also the first press secretary to wear a yellow dress to the podium. In these woke times, it’s evidently important we keep all that stuff straight, although I for one will be so glad when every category of a human has filled every post, so that we never again have to waste time listening to someone speaking of those rankings. As you saw by my sarcasm, it’s exhausting…and worthless.

Anyway, she was regurgitating orders aloofly from whoever is actually running the White House. She has all the credibility of gas station sushi, you know. I’m wondering if she believes the redirection she spews while enumerating the great things Biden has done. I about heaved my lunch, but under Biden’s economy I couldn’t afford to lose the groceries.

Finally, she started to explain Biden’s dismal performance in the debate, soft pedaling it repeatedly as a cold combined with jet lag, just like could happen to anyone. Two weeks before, she called videos of a disorientated president as cheap fakes manipulated by right-wingers.

In Chebanse, we would call her excuses by what it is, bull? What the world saw was a man experiencing the onset of dementia with little idea what he was talking about. But even a man with dementia is better that a Trump, right Biden voters?

Biden is the titular head of the Free World but must be led around by the hand. Obama led him off a stage a few weeks back and wife, Jill led him off after the debate, then tucked him into bed. This is because; a) Biden doesn’t remember where he’s at or where is going next and b) subject to falls like many octogenarians. But people are going to vote for him anyway because, well, he’s not Trump. Not to mention, they will have an activist national media to spoon-feed them information on how great Biden is or how terrible Trump is to back up their righteousness.

Biden’s potential re-election is a powder keg waiting to blow at US military bases in Europe. Unlike Biden voters, terrorists looking at America under Biden consider us weak. They see him as mentally unfit, and probably assume no one is in charge in the White House. Army bases in Europe have just increased their terror scale to the second highest level issued by the Army. And yet, there are people going to vote for Biden, damn the torpedoes.

Since Biden’s dazzling debate debacle, Democrats are disintegrating. The ultra-liberal NY Times called for Biden to drop out of the race, as did the Atlanta Journal. Democrat Rep from Texas, Lloyd Doggett called for Biden to drop his campaign. Hollywood showrunner and Democratic donor Damon Lindelof is requesting Democrats to “stop giving” money to a candidate that needs to drop out of the race. Other “prominent Democrats” (an oxymoron) have hinted at Biden stepping down but used their political double-talk to deny it later.

Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame, and a never-Trumper, revealed sources near Biden are admitting to as many as twenty episodes of cognitive decline in the past year. Jeez Carl, how long you known about this little nugget? Don’t you worry about that for one second though Biden voters, he’s not Trump.

Alas, wife Jill said no to Joe dropping out. She has more $5,000 dresses to model on our dime for magazine covers. Heck, even I would want to prolong a career of wearing expensive clothing for pleasing plump writer, on a national magazine. Jill needs Joe in the race.

My bet, Biden drops out before the election. Sorry Biden voters. You might be able to write his name in though. If that doesn’t float your boat, try writing “NOT TRUMP,” on your ballot.