Ask yourself, are you better off now under Biden!

A commentary appeared in a newspaper I also write for that bears mentioning – not so much for its journalistic excellence and insight, but for its lack of accuracy. This piece was so far left it could have been written for the Washington Compost or Russia’s Pravda.

The piece I’m referring to is another hatchet job written about Donald Trump.  Readers to that paper would have expected nothing less. Trump seems to be Darth Vader to liberals.

In the opening paragraph the commentary throws out some red meat to get fearful Democrats attention – “Trump is going to make himself dictator and wreak revenge to his enemies.” Bricks fell off buildings and mothers took children off the street with that statement. It stopped just short of claiming Trump would eat puppies.

Our scribe uses all the fear-mongering similar to today’s media. Claims are made that Trump is lying – while at the same time using the mistruths spread about Trump – a classic Saul Alinsky socialistic stunt. Words and phrases are used like:

  • “Playing to his far-right base” – does he really believe 75 million Trump voters are to the “far-fight.” We on the far-right could only dream.
  • “Would act as a dictator” – Trump joked he would act as one the first day of his presidency in order to stop illegal immigration and to drill for oil. If it requires a dictator to get those two deeds done, where do I sign up.
  • “Anti-democracy rhetoric” – this charge was leveled for Trump’s crude Christmas quote for his enemies “to rot in hell.” While Trumps words were cringe-worthy, as he is wont to do, they certainly weren’t anti-democratic, nor hardly examples of rhetoric. Not sure that the term “anti-democracy rhetoric” applies here.

The opinion piece went further, defending the actions of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Mark Milley. He was the turncoat who actually called China without Trump’s authorization or direction. Trump had every right to lambast Milley. In a sane world, Milley’s keester would be sitting in a federal prison.

The attack continues on much longer. I get it, that fella isn’t going to vote for Trump and that’s his American right. So he has three other options.

  1. Stay at home on election day – not very American, but that’s his right. It would be a vote for Trump though.
  2. Vote for Robert Kennedy Jr. While I disagree passionately with Kennedy’s energy policies, he’s an interesting choice. He would probably make a good president, especially since his extended leftist “royal” family despises him. Kennedy doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, which would also be a vote for Trump.
  3.  Vote for Biden, hoping that his vote will be multiplied many times over by deceitful harvesting of mail-in balloting and voting machine “malfunctions.” – These are the tricks that got Biden into office while campaigning from his basement.

A vote for Biden would mean the writer is fine with the millions of illegal immigrants flooding this country and over-taxing the economies of states and cities. They bring drugs, diseases, and terrorists with them. Many of those poor illegals are now freezing in the cold.

Voting for Biden means the writer is okay with the effects of Bidenomics that has crippled the budgets of so many Americans.

Voting for Biden means warmongering, paid for by taxpayers would continue. We would continue to keep pouring billions into Ukraine and Israel so kickbacks can be funneled to Congressional Warhawks? It also means it was fine to leave billions of dollars of military equipment to the enemy.

Voting for Biden means being is peachy with the Biden Crime Syndicate misdeeds and kickbacks at the expense of Americans.

A vote for Biden means a man showing signs of dementia at age 81 at the helm of the world’s top job, would remain there until 86 years old. Worse, if Biden become incapacitated, his replacement might be Kamala Harris!

Voting for Biden means being cool with the Democrat ploy of keeping Trump embroiled in nefarious court proceedings to prevent him from being elected or worse, doing his job. How is that good for America. Yet, when Trump speaks of retaliation, he’s labeled a dictator.

Folks, the list of people actually hurt by Trump while in office is small – minute compared to Biden’s time in office. In fact, most people thrived while Trump was in office, something that can’t be said of Biden.

Ask yourself, are you better off now under Biden than you were when Donald Trump was your president?