This Should Knock Your Socks Off – The January 6 Committee Criminally Suppressed Evidence

Why Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger belong in prison.

Respected journalist Mollie Hemingway and The Federalist has reported that Liz Cheney and her Cabal suppressed evidence during the sham January 6th committee proceedings. Turns out Trump requested 10,000 National Guard troops to be present for assistance at the Capitol for the gathering crowd. This information has been hidden from us for over three years.  You may want to read that last sentence again.

The Cheney Cabal falsely claimed they had no evidence to support Trump’s claims he offered troop assistance. This information came from the interview of Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato that Cheney herself participated in January 2022. Oranato’s description of the events match that of testimony by Kash Patel, the former acting secretary of defense.

In the interview, Ornato stated he heard White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the phone advising DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for troops to defend the city. He also testified under oath that Trump suggested 10,000 soldiers were needed at the rallies scheduled for January 6. Both Trump backers and left-wing groups were planning protests the same day.

It was Mayor Bowser who turned down the offer of 10,000 troops, stating she only needed about 350…for traffic control. In a letter requesting the troops she stated specifically, “No DCNG personnel shall be armed during this mission, and at no time, will DCNG personnel or assets be engaged in domestic surveillance, searches, or seizures of US persons.” Turns out the Bowser had been against efforts to curb leftwing political activist during the inexcusable 2020 summer riots.

When the Bowser declined troop assistance the Trump team requested a quick reaction force from the Defense Department if needed.  Once protestors entered the Capitol, the Trump White House requested immediate help from Acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller. It was Miller who slow-walked this request despite several calls from the Trump team.

Unknown at that time, days before January 6th, Cheney had covertly arranged to hinder the Defense Department from supplying troops on January 6t.h.. She also arranged for an op-ed in the Washington Post by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney discouraging Miller from acting. Afterwards Cheney’s Cabal barred an investigation into the lack of action by Nancy Pelosi for extra Capitol security ahead of the event.

Cheney omitted all this information from the final report, then lying that Trump never gave an order to deploy the National Guard. The Cheney Cabal would later claim ignorance of any such evidence while committee collaborators and the media began publishing conspiracy theories about Ornato before the committee conducted follow up interviews.

Anyone doubting the Cheney’s Cabal reports were directed to the Government Publishing Office website that supposedly contained the transcripts and a sourced 800+ page report. Anything a Cheney Cabal member had stated publicly contained supporting documentation, including the passage, “The Select Committee recognizes that some at the Department had genuine concerns…that President Trump might give an illegal order to use the military in support of his efforts to overturn the election.”  

Over a thousand interviews were made and less than half made the website. What made the website is the information that backed the Cheney Cabal narrative. The information and interviews left out are only now coming to light, painting a picture that once again, the American people were deceived by their government. In the final report, the Cheney Cabal added a lengthy, and false,  account that Trump had physically overcome a Secret Service agent to join protestors at the Capitol.  

Recall Pelosi hand-picked Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger as the token “Republicans” on her committee, after rejecting Speaker McCarthy’s recommendations. We know Kinzinger was still pouting about Trump as he was turned down for a position in the Trump cabinet and had been crying about it ever since.

Cheney’s participation seems more sinister, and Swampish. I believe her father was actually pulling the strings, and his reason was one of power in the Swamp. If correct, how ominous is it that this country’s then-Speaker of the House Pelosi teamed up with the Cheney family. Something just doesn’t fit in that relationship unless it is one of power and corruption at taxpayer expense. Rightfully, Cheney would be overwhelmingly thrown out of her House seat by Wyoming voters.

More than 1,265 people have been charged, (most unjustly while agitator Ray Epps was only given probation) with “crimes” for their protest at the Capitol on January 6th.  These charges in general are so outrageous and un-American the Supreme Court has decided to review certain charges. One of the latest arrested by the FBI, the American version of the Gestapo, was charged with, among other things, entering a restricted building. Isn’t that our building?

So now we have a committee to review the committee that was to review the January 6th protests. If they find there was a cover-up, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, and Adam Kinzinger should be given prison time. Their criminal cover-up has caused this country much more acrimony, time, and money than the January 6th protest ever came close to.