If it weren’t so pathetic, it might be funny. Of course, I’m speaking of the Joe Biden for president situation. But being a suspicious ba*****, as my late father called me, I suspect a more sinister plotline. Remember you heard it here first.

When the liberal press, Hollywood, and Democratic politicians state, hint, and/or refer to Biden’s inability to run for president again, the writing is on the wall. The polls are getting worse daily. Even the George’s are calling for him not to run. Republicans are dusting off the 25th Amendment clause.  It’s gonna happen, Joe. Somebody has to convince Jill Biden of this yet, but she doesn’t have the influence she thinks. It might have happened before you read this commentary.

Biden is going to hold out until he gets something for stepping down. That’s the way politicians do things – not for the good of the country but what is good for them personally. Perhaps, that’s what all these closed-door meetings are really about – what can we give Joe to go away.

My hunch is that Biden will resign his presidency before the election. It would be to his advantage to do so. Once he resigns, Kamala Harris takes over for a few months and her first official duty as president will be to pardon Hunter Biden. In doing so, Joe is off the hook for his son’s pardoning by not breaking the promise he would not pardon Hunter, Kamala did. Additionally, those nasty rumors of Biden taking money from foreign governments as vice president will magically dry up.

With Joe out of the Oval Office, and off the ballot, the big money spigot will flow again, but into Kamala’s coffers. Have you noticed the media has been flaunting Kamala more. The media is lining their ducks up behind her, having come to the same conclusion as most about Joe.

Even more disappointing though, are the people still hanging on to Biden. Trump is generally up on Biden by about an average of 4% in most every poll. In the last election, Biden “received” 81 million votes of 156 million votes cast. Let’s assume those votes all came from American citizens who only voted one time, but now I’m being silly.

Using the same number, Robert Kennedy Jr. has climbed to 10 percent of the vote, or 15,600,000 votes. That leaves roughly 140,000,000 votes for Trump and Biden. If Trump is leading by 4% of the vote, he would get 66 million votes. Biden would get 60 million.

Are you kidding me, 60 million people who saw or heard about that debate performance and the rhetoric going around about Biden’s cognitive abilities are still going to vote for him!! That is a hell of an indictment, not only against Jill Biden pushing for Joe to run, but also to the 60 million people that would vote for him anyway. Are Biden voters aware a Parkinson’s doctor, Kevin Cannard is visiting Biden monthly? Worse, do they care?

There is another reason to coerce Biden to resign the presidency. At the upcoming Democrat national convention, it will be easier to bypass Kamala Harris if she doesn’t have Biden beside her. If Biden hangs on, all those delegates are going to stick to him. With Biden out, they are free to go another way. Enter Newsome or Pritzker.

Democrats will have a problem with the Black women vote if Kamala is bypassed. They will have to address this issue, or lose that voting bloc in the next election, and possibly future elections. They will have a bigger problem with major donors if they run Kamala, and she gets trounced by Trump. I suppose they can have Harris run again as vice president or coerce Michelle Obama to run. She is the Dems best chance to slow the Trump train, but “Mike” doesn’t like politics as a lot of dirty laundry gets exposed during a presidential election. 

And what is former Rep Adam Kinzinger going to do about his inane Biden endorsement? Looks silly and petty now, heh, Adam. Wikipedia has him listed as a Republican. Sorry bloke, you can’t be Republican and endorse Biden. Saying you are a Republican doesn’t make it true if you publicly endorse the Democrat. I can say I’m a scratch golfer but just saying it, as my friends will attest, certainly don’t make it so. 

Recall Thomas Manton’s notable words in his 1693 Book of Sermons, “… actions speak louder than words.”