“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

Ten years later, Snopes, the left-leaning fact-checking site, finally admitted the media and Democrats were incorrect about accusing Trump of praising Neo-Nazis at the Charlottsville protest in 2016. One person was killed and twenty more were injured. The media, who lives to stir race issues, began claiming Trump said the Neo-Nazis were very fine people.

This misinformation was repeated often by the media and on social media. In the 2020 presidential race, Biden advanced the lie about Trump praising Neo-Nazis. At one point, Biden even mumbled Trumps defense of the white supremacists was his reason for running for president.

Snopes now admits that Trump specifically said in an interview, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

This event and the way it was portrayed in the media is not that much different than the J6 protest at the capitol, blaming Trump when he tried to send in 10,000 troops, which was slow-walked by the Swamp.

I mention this considering something that has been weighing on my mind of late. I know several great folks who profess to being conservative or Republican yet seem to have followed our crooked media down a rabbit hole of anti-Trump rhetoric that, for the most part, just isn’t true.

There are a variety of different reasons they have of not backing Trump, opinions of which folks are certainly entitled.  However, those different reasons all arrive at a place reserved for liberals, RINO’s and Never-Trumpers – not supporting the conservative candidate for president.

As I see it, voters have four viable options this November.

  1. Vote for Trump
  2. Vote for Biden
  3. Vote for Kennedy
  4. Waste a vote on Chase Oliver, Jill Stein, Randall Terry, or Cornell West, on par with not voting.

Sorry folks, anything but option “a” removes one from being conservative. A person can’t be a conservative or Republican and then vote for Biden. Withholding a vote for Trump is to vote your consent for a continuation of Biden policies and woke BS. 

There will be those that say they are taking a moral high ground by not voting for Trump. They can’t support a man they claim is:

  1. Racist
  2. Criminal
  3. Immoral
  4. Going to declare himself dictator
  5. None of the above

None of these claims are true, they are manufactured by the media. And when did any of the other candidates become such virtues of morality, integrity, and/or ethnic diversity? What we should all be concerned about is how the Democrat party used the Judicial Branch of our country against a US citizen. If they can do it to Trump, they sure as Hell can do it to us.

A Face Book post called” Quiet Random Acts of Kindness” was also verified by Snopes. These actions were never reported by the mainstream media:

In 1986 farmer Leonard Hill, committed suicide as his farm was to go to auction. Mr. Hill thought his life insurance would pay to save the plantation that had been in his family for over 100 years. Trump read the story and paid off the $77,000 mortgage.

Remember that USMC Sergeant that spent seven months getting beat in a Mexican prison for accidentally crossing the border with a firearm. Once released, Trump sent the Marine a check for $25,000 to help get him started.

In 2013 Darnell Barton, a black bus driver saved a suicidal girl from jumping off a bridge. Trump sent him a check for $10,000.

In 1988, three-year-old Andrew Ten needed to go from New York to California for specialty treatment. No airline would fly him, his Jewish family and the medical equipment. Trump let them use his jet.

In the four years Trump was president, he did not take a paycheck, donating his $1.6 million salary to charity.

There are other examples of Trump’s charity that the media will never tell you about. Have you ever heard mainstream media say one nice thing about Trump? Nothing…they would rather die than say something favorable. Isn’t that suspicious? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Even I’m right once a week.

I wouldn’t want to work for Trump or live with him as he’s surely a tough taskmaster. Trump sleeps little, is constantly thinking, working, and scheming. To those wavering, look past the warts and the bluster of a lifetime salesman. He’s us, folks, not one of those unctuous, slimy swamp members from Washington DC. 

Donald Trump is exactly what this country needs right now.