Presidential Popularity Polls

Just how truly “learned” can biased people be.

Webster tells us a scholar is a person who has done advanced study in a special field. It also calls a scholar a learned person. I’m going to show how that is not always true.

Consider Webster’s words as you read the politically biased rubbish that 154 so-called-scholars unleashed for the liberal media to gobble and regurgitate last week.

As gleefully reported by the main-stream media, “scholars” produced a presidential rating system that, of no surprise, ranks Donald Trump as the worst president in history. Those so-called scholars might have as well thrown a ham hock into the middle of a pack of coyotes to match the feeding frenzy by the media.

We shouldn’t be surprised of a last-placed ranking for Trump by a band of collegiate professors. The report smacks of so much malarky that it points out the rot exists in American academia. Sadly, most professors today have about as much credibility as an Anthony Fauci report. 

Pathetically, these 154 “scholars” rated Joe Biden the 14th best president of all time, and then Barack Obama 7th. Go ahead and chuckle now before continuing to read.

The rankings of Trump, Biden and Obama fully illuminate the bias of the report. Is there little doubt how those 154 “scholars” are going to vote in the next election.

According to Justin Vaughn and Branden Rottinghaus, the “political scientists” behind the survey, Biden’s most important achievement was that “he rescued the presidency from Trump and is gearing up to keep it from him this fall.”

Consider the hubris in the way these two take surveys within their tiny circle of “pseudo- intellectuals,” then reporting on it as scientific fact, despite the 75+ million people that would disagree.

Of note, the poll was sent to 525 “scholars” and only 154 bothered to answer, just 29%. This means 154 probable left-leaning academics held a popularity contest on presidents, ranking 6 out of 9 (67%) Democrats the greatest ten presidents, just 3 Republicans, and 1 Unaffiliated (Washington).  This is even though America has elected a Republican president 62% of the time in history.

The voters in the poll also managed to move up every contemporary Democrat president in their little popularity poll, now taken 3 times. In addition to Obama and Biden, Clinton and even the beleaguered oaf, Jimmy Carter, were all elevated in their esteem.

Conversely, every modern Republican president’s ranking dropped. This includes Reagan, and both Bushes. (Trump couldn’t drop, he was already at the bottom.) You suppose there is some bias there? Contact me if you would like to see the word salad these “scholars” produced to justify the poll.

Anther questionable point made by the authors was the statement the respondents would vote for Franklin Roosevelt, our first socialist president, as the next man that should be added to Mt. Rushmore. Note Mt. Rushmore is graced with 3 Republican presidents and 1 Unaffiliated.

The website “The Guardian” came up first on a Google search to research this commentary. It gleefully and unfairly reported, “Trump is a uniquely divisive figure, his legislative record slim, his refusal to accept defeat by Biden leading to a deadly attack on Congress, and his post-presidential career dogged by 91 criminal charges arising from actions in office or on the campaign trail.”

Missing from that statement are an admission of the mistruths that liberals take as fact. It also overlooks any Trump accomplishments whatsoever. To wit:

Trump has never been charged or convicted of having anything to do with the J6 assault on Nancy Pelosi’s fiefdom. Nor were any of the deaths a result of anything Trump did or said.

Overlooking a Deep State conspiracy to keep Trump out of office and/or overloaded with personal attacks and trumped-up legal charges to keep any accomplishments minimal. More than half this country believes most of those 91 charges mentioned are bogus.

None of Trump’s accomplishments were taken into consideration by the Guardian, and evidently little by the people scribbling in the presidential popularity poll.

Can one truly be a scholar if they can’t leave personal political biases aside of the historical rankings of presidents. Just how truly “learned” can biased people be.

Perhaps Vaughn and Rottinghaus should be removed from this report in the future and rename it a Liberal “Scholars” Presidential Popularity Contest.

Perhaps we should start our own presidential popularity poll. Please send me your top 5 presidents to  I’ll tabulate the first 154 responses to report a counter-poll.