My old man was right…

Turning to the national news, one’s likely to see 24-hour coverage of one of two events. I will pontificate on both, as well as a few other events that have been nagging me.

First are those moronic college students blindly following paid thugs protesting Israel’s existence. Most of these sheep couldn’t find Israel on a map and few have any idea what they are protesting. They should be dealt with harshly.

Here’s to hoping the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of the low life who desecrated that statue of George Washington at George Washington University. At the time of this writing there is a Palestinian flag draped around Washington, and his head adorned in a Palestinian head rag.

The media calls this a crisis. It wouldn’t even be an event if we had a president with a few connecting brain cells. Someone like Trump comes to mind. It’s a manufactured media crises folks.

Another event reported ad nauseam is media’s coverage of absurd Left-wing backed trials of Trump. The flavor-of-the-month trial now is brought to us by the corpulent Alvin Bragg of New York. It will likely be thrown out before the end of the month or eventually overturned.

So, what happened to bringing Hunter Biden to justice for his various crimes, or his old man for selling out the country. Where did all those representatives go that were looking into this or why did the media stop reporting it.

Did you hear about the blunder the founder of HIMS, Andrew Dudum made on social media. HIMS makes products for erectile dysfunction. Dudum stated he would hire Israeli protesters, praising them for moral courage for participating in protests across the country. He called for the protesters to keep demonstrating and not worry about future employment.

I’m guessing Dudum has been self-medicating with his product too much and didn’t have enough blood left over in his brain to think properly.

There must be a few things more loathsome than left-lane drivers but I’m at a loss to think of them right now. I’m referring to people who drive in the left lane at the speed limit or less, oblivious to what is backing up behind. Usually, there is a phone involved. Worse are those that hang out there in the left lane, then at the last-minute dart to the right-hand lane to turn right. But even worse are those that think right-turn-on-red means to go if they have the remotest chance of beating the oncoming traffic.

Did you catch washed-up actor, Robert DeNiro crying about Trump again on MSNBC. Probably not, because if you read this column, you’re not watching MSNBC. Sorry.

My late father used a couple of adages that seemingly make more sense every day. “It’s a good time to be old,” or “PT Barnum was right,” were favorites. There really is a fool born every minute. Examples:

Spam emails arrive daily alerting me to upcoming concerts. Occasionally I’ll look over the list to see who’s coming to my area as I might want to see a show. I looked at the last one sent to me.

The first show advertised was a drag queen show. Jeez, I thought, people actually go to that kind of thing. Well, they must, because it was advertised to appear ten times, just in the month of May. Cost to get in – $67, plus tax, plus convenience charge, plus whatever other charge the broker feels like adding. Keep in mind, folks, this is one drag queen show in one city and its not San Fransisco. 

The Rolling Stones are coming to my area. I have seen the Stones and thought about going again. I love their music. For $61, plus other obligatory fees, I can get one seat, far away at the other end from the stage, where the air will be a little thin and vertigo might be a problem. My experience will worsen as there will be someone standing up in front of me during the entire show, his perfectly good seat going unused.

If I want a better Stones experience, I can pay $543 to sit in the second row of the pit, so there will only be one row of people rudely standing in front of me. Then I suppose my wife will want to go too, costing me another $543. Sorry Mick, I’ll pass.

The best PT Barnum example though was the promoter who convinced 50,000 people to pay between $20 and $300 to watch last April’s solar eclipse inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Um, you could have stood just outside the IMS and watched the same show for free.

My old man was right.