On Monday, June 3rd, the House Oversight Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic invited Anthony Fauci to the Capitol for a chat. On their agenda was to gain his insight on pandemic-era restrictions such as lab leaks, social distancing, and mask mandates.

After all, Lord Fauci is the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, a position he held for 40 years. He would have, or should have, been the head honcho making all the decisions regarding COVID.

In opening statements to Congress, Fauci denied he attempted to cover up the possibility of a COVID lab leak and was not responsible for the distancing and masking policies, claiming they came from the CDC. This, despite his statements on CBS’s Face the Nation that those who criticize him are “really criticizing science because I represent science.” He must have felt he was above criticism at that time, and it doesn’t appear he has changed his mind yet. Asked Monday if he still represents science, Fauci testified, “I am a scientist who uses the scientific method to gain information.”

Evidently, in Fauci’s brain, he believes it was science that ordered the closing of churches but allow liquor stores to remain open. And it was science that said Mom & Pop’s convenience stores must be closed, but Wal-Mart can be open. And it was science that said everyone needed to stay home from work, except truckers, nurses, and Wal-Mart employees. And it was science that said kids, most of which were immune to China’s scourge were to stay home from school, to be “taught” remotely, thus setting back children’s education by years. And it was science that said to wear paper face diapers to prevent disease transmission, which was later proved to be an absurd defense.

Clifton Duncan said it best with his post on X; “Your business went under while Fauci went to baseball games. Your mother died alone in a nursing home while Fauci did photo shoots. Your child hung themselves from despair while Fauci hobnobbed with celebs. People got divorced. People severed lifelong friendships. People lost decades long careers. People were trapped with abusers. People overdosed and killed themselves. People lost out on proms and graduations. People lost loved ones that could have been saved. People are injured by a shot they didn’t want. All because we decided to trust the science.

Fauci admits his agency funded research at the Wuhan Laboratories, but steadfastly denies that research created COVID. The committee believes not only did he fund it, but he has also tried to suppress theories that a lab accident caused the pandemic. He publicly endorsed a theory that the disease came from an infected animal, which nobody believes.

Last month, the Dept. of Health and Human Services took away federal funding from Peter Dzszak and Eco Health Alliance, the U.S. research firm doing business in Wuhan. The department has threatened to permanently bar them from government grants. This might indicate that there is culpability of a lab leak, and that it was covered up. Echo Health is protesting the withdrawal of federal funding.

Then there was the hydroxychloroquine matter. Trump came out for it so naturally Fauci, the Democrat party, and the mainstream media were automatically against it, making the very common and cheap drug unavailable to much of the public. Fauci downplayed it at a White House press briefing on China’s bug. One must wonder how many people died due to his foot-dragging antics toward this drug.

And let’s not forget his support of mandatory vaccinations, which was then copied by many spineless employers, squashing Americans freedoms. Said Rich McCormick (R-GA), ““You affected people’s ability to work, travel, educate, to … self-determine. Shame on you!”

Of course, the Democrats on the committee praised Fauci when it was their turn to blather. That’s the way our country is run now, if one party is for something, the other party automatically must be against it, regardless of the issue or cost. This will go on until our next Civil War, which seems to be looming closer daily.

As of 2019, the last year figures were available, Fauci was the highest paid federal employee in the nation, making $417,608 annually. Once he fully retires, he will receive $350,000 per year for the rest of his life. Folks, Fauci seized on the pandemic to gain power, the DC aphrodisiac. If Lord Fauci is so innocent of all these policies and actions he is now denying, why the hell did we pay him all that money.