Obstruction of Justice charges should be brought against J6 committee members.  

Nancy Pelosi’s vendetta of Donald Trump was evident in her creation of the January 6th commission in February of 2021. She used her authority as Speaker of the House to create a sham committee to investigate the January 6th protest at the Capitol building. Her real intent was to pin fault on Trump. In a sane world, she should be impeached and sent home, at least, or her keester tossed in prison, at best.

Her list of hand-picked committee members were a virtual whose-who of characters that have been trying to remove Trump from their Swamp.

Consider the bias of committee chairman, Bernie Thompson from Mississippi. Before becoming chairman, he had sued Trump for creating what he called deadly assault.

Californians Zoe Lofgren and Adam Schiff both served as impeachment managers for Trump’s first sham impeachment.


Jamie Raskin from Maryland was a lead manager for Trump’s second sham impeachment.

Californian Pete Aguilar told the media the investigation was to uncover the truth, which doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Elaine Luria of Virginia and Stephanie Murphy from Florida were also Democrats on the committee.

In July of 2021, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy submitted a list of Republicans for the committee. Pelosi rejected two, Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan from Ohio, so as to laughingly show “respect and integrity of the investigation.”

Pelosi then picked a couple of RINO’s (republican in name only) for her committee consisting of 7 Democrats and 2 RINO’s. Selected were Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom previously voted for Trump’s impeachment. Kinzinger was still pouting over not getting a seat in Trump’s cabinet. Cheney would later lose her Wyoming re-election bid in a landslide.

Obviously, Pelosi stacked her committee with people out to get Trump. But we are now learning the extent to which this disreputable committee tried to tip the scales of justice, leading me to wonder if perhaps they should all be brought up on treason charges. Consider the following:

The House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee, led by Georgian Republican Barry Loudermilk, has been established. The committee is investigating the security failures from that day as well as the actions of Pelosi’s J6 committee witch hunt.

The first thing found is that the J6 Committee deleted 117 encrypted files from it’s archive just days before Republicans took over the majority in the House.

Chairman Thompson told Loudermilk they would turn over four terabytes of archived data, but only sent two terabytes. Loudermilk hired a digital forensics team to scrape hard drives to determine what information was omitted. Now they have to request passwords to access the data.

Loudermilk also wrote to White House council and Dept. of Homeland Security council, to request unedited and unredacted transcripts of their testimony to the J6 Committee. Thompson hadn’t sent that information to Loudermilk either.

Said Loudermilk, “…Pelosi’s Select Committee went to great lengths to prevent Americans from seeing certain documents produced in their investigation. It also appears that Bernie Thompson and Liz Cheney intended to obstruct our Subcommittee by failing to preserve critical information and videos as required by House rules.”

It took 18 months for Pelosi’s sham committee to conduct its investigations and recommend the Department of Justice pursue criminal charges against Trump. Citing the 14th Amendment, they also recommend the Justice Dept. bar Trump and any other individuals involved, from ever holding Federal office. The report was full of accusations leveled at Trump.

Loudermilk stated that what he has seen, the J6 Committee “went above and beyond the evidence to try to prove something they wanted to be true.” They “cherry-picked” evidence to show Trump carried out the attack on the capitol. There was evidence that intelligence agencies such as the Secret Service, FBI, Dept. of Defense, and Homeland Security all knew there would be an attack on the Capitol, information not shared with the Capitol Police.

Further, there’s evidence of federal agents embedded in the crowd, an interesting find given rabblerouser Ray Epps was just sentenced to just a year of house arrest, as compared to the 460 others in prison. There is also evidence Trump was aware of the attack and ordered the National Guard to be ready to deploy.

And finally, get this: J6 Committee members took out liability insurance so they can’t be held financially liable for anyone that may have been defamed in their accusations and false reporting.

The whole committee should be impeached and tried for treason.