Members of Deadbeat Nation are paid $174,000 per year

Quick! Name the Representative from your district. I’m a political junkie but I still had to look to see who mine was here in Maricopa County Arizona. His name is David Schweikert, whom I never heard of. In Chebanse Illinois, where I’m from, it is Robin Kelly. Again, I had to look her up to make sure as I recall there being some blatant gerrymandering going on in our area a few years back.

These two are just part of the collection of Deadbeats who go to Washington DC and play games on our dime. Often you will see a pack of them lending moral support while arrogantly standing behind whoever has gone before the microphone to explain their latest costly positions.  

Having never met Schweikert or Kelly, they very well may not be deadbeats. They may be upstanding individuals lost in the quagmire of the Swamp. However, they are now part and parcel of that Swamp and whatever they know about it, they ain’t tellin’.

I met Adam Kinzinger once when he running to be our Representative in my Illinois district. Told him a rude joke about Nancy Pelosi that he laughed about. He got my vote. Later, because he couldn’t get a position in the Trump Administration, he took part in Pelosi’s sham J6 committee that hid evidence and imprisoned innocent people. This is what happens when these folks go to Washington, so I am just naturally skeptical about the others. I still feel guilty about that vote.

Congressional Deadbeats presently have an approval rating of 12%, about the same as dirt. Disgraced president Richard Nixon’s approval rating never got that low. Inept president Jimmy Carter’s rating never got that low. George Santos from NY was recently expelled from Congress. His 13% favorability rating was higher than the collective body tossing him out.

Members of Deadbeat Nation are paid $174,000 per year, plus the unconstitutional payout they voted themselves last year of $34,000 for expenses encountered in the Swamp. None of that expense has to be documented – they all just get it. This makes their salary, according to my Chebanse Elementary education, to be $208,000 per Deadbeat.  They are paid higher than 93% of Americans.

The Deadbeats were in session “working” a mere 117 days in the last term. Only fifty bills have been passed under their governance,  about half what is normal. They spend as much or more time begging for money to stay in their cushy position in the Swamp than working for us.

There are now factions working to funnel more salary to Deadbeat Nation. In the forefront is the Washington Compost and Business Insider Magazine. Methinks these organizations were put up to it by Deadbeat members of Congress, but as I’ve said often, my dad called me a suspicious bas*****.

Then there are the current and former members of Deadbeat Nation who have filed a lawsuit against the government, claiming to be suffering from  “unconstitutional reduction of retirement pay.” They are unhappy because their salaries/pensions don’t keep up with inflation. Nobody else’s does either but shut up.

The aggrieved Deadbeats think $753,000 each will make their hurt go away, plus a “bump” to pay the taxes this windfall will bestow upon them – over $200,000. The suit includes representatives Rick Crawford (AR), Rodney Davis (IL) Tom Davis (VA) and Ed Perlmutter (CO).  Ken Cuccinelli is the lawyer representing them, so you can bet there is a boatload of our cash coming his way as well. Bet you didn’t hear any of this on the nightly news.

Information is hard to come by, but Deadbeat Nation may have grabbed a cost-of-living adjustment for themselves in the last spending bill. This is the spending bill they enacted at the last deadline while screaming the government was going to shut down, Part 762. The Senate originally blocked the COLA effort, but Deadbeat Nation removed such silly language. So, if I’m correct, a Deadbeats salary will be bumped 8.7%, or $15,138.

These are the people that control the country’s pocketbook.  Their spending has been instrumental in the dollar losing 20% of its value in the last three years. Recall, our nearly $35 trillion debt, much of which can be laid at the feet of decades of Deadbeat Congressmen malfeasance. Deadbeat Nation should be mandated by law to curb spending in order to reduce debt.

A combination of a devalued dollar and colossal debt is precisely what is needed to destroy this nation as a world leader. It feeds into a New World narrative as well. We must remove the deadbeats.