After being shot at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade the poor Lisa Lopez-Galvan had not been buried yet nor the family time to grieve before anti-gun zealots stomped all over her memory. The mother of two was the only person to die in the shootout. At least 22 other innocent people were harmed.

As of the time of this writing, there have been three people arrested. One has been released and two kids charged. It appears the gun violence was a result of a dispute, and in my mind, bad parenting.

The anti-gun organization known as March for Our Lives was out quickly doing a great deal of the stomping. This is a student-led organization which promotes demonstrations in support of gun control while the rest of us are out working.

MFOL began shouting that the shooting was “depressingly American.” The group claims to be young activists “promoting civic engagement, education, and direct action to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence.”

Epidemic of gun violence? Did you know on the day of the shooting, there were 82,880,000 legal gun owners, owning 393 million guns that did not kill anybody?

Naturally, President Biden Harris raced to a nearby microphone to call on Congress to take guns away from the nearly 83-million legal gun owners who harmed nobody. A script was stuck under Biden’s nose for him to read and mumble, “The epidemic of gun violence is ripping apart families and communities every day. …It is unacceptable. We have to decide who we are as a country.”

So did Harris. Just before jetting off to Germany to waste more taxpay dollars, her assigned talking point was “another day where America has experienced senseless gun violence. If only Congress had the courage to act responsibly.” No word on whether she giggled afterwards.

Had politicians not gutted the country’s mental health system, these shootings would not be so prevalent. If armed veterans were installed in schools and churches to stand guard, these shootings would not be so common either. Put a student’s grandfather in charge of security and see what happens to a derelict that wants to shoot up his grandchild’s school.

Perhaps these students should learn their history first before shooting off their mouths. Politicians should be reminded before they take office of what lies in wait for citizens that have been disarmed.

In 1911 Turkey disarmed citizens, and then promptly murdered 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 – 1917.

In 1929 Stalin also disarmed Russians, then killed 20 million of them between 1929-1953.

The Chinese disarmed their populace in 1935 and then slaughtered 20 million civilians.

Not to be outdone, Hitler disarmed the Germans in 1938 before executing 16 million Jews over six years, thus beating Russia’s timeframe.

Cambodia killed a million educated people in 1956;  Guatemala murdered 100,000 Mayan Indians in 1964; and Uganda in 1970 massacred 300,000 Christians, all after disarming their citizens.

It doesn’t have to be the government killing unarmed citizens either. Weaponless populations are easy targets to criminals, who don’t care what laws the government dictates. After Australia disarmed its citizens, due to one mass shooting, homicide rates went up, as did burglaries of seniors. Taking guns away from people does not lower crime, it increases it. 

Ever notice most gun crime happens in or near large cities that have Democrat politicians. Ironically, it is predominately Democrat politicians that want to take guns away from citizens.

Even people with Trump Derangement Syndrome should be against further gun control, particularly if fearing Trump wants to be a dictator. Disarmed citizens are most favorable to presidents wanting to become a dictator.

There are plenty of laws and bureaucracy involved with gun ownership. With every new law comes more paperwork for the government to keep on file so they know who is armed. That is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind when creating the Second Amendment.

Don’t believe there needs to be more gun control. Our mental health system needs to be reestablished. Parents of juveniles committing gun violence should be held responsible with prison time for at least five years. Tougher laws should be passed for those who are in possession of illegal firearms. Perhaps a ten-year sentence for being found in possession of a firearm that is not theirs and hanging if killing a person with a gun that is not theirs.

These actions will go a long way of stopping these random killing sprees, not taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens.