Fox News recently reported Chicago’s plan for housing the recent influx of illegal immigrants. The report states there are currently about 2,200 illegal immigrants housed in 21 shelters in Chicago police stations and airports. Chicago has contracted with a private security firm named Garda-World Federal Services for a tent city to be erected at a cost of $29.4 million. It didn’t say where that money came from. There are currently over 10,000 illegals in Chicago in total going back to last year. I was unable to ascertain who “qualified” for the tents. 

When I read this, I thought this should be interesting – tent living in a Chicago winter. Wouldn’t the money be better spent buying and renovating existing vacant buildings, such as a hotel, school, or old warehouse? There is no shortage of those kinds of buildings throughout Chicago, most with existing infrastructures. 

It’s said the tents have HVAC systems to heat the tent to comfortable temperatures. The report didn’t say anything about the floors of the tents, sitting on what becomes a frozen tundra in winter. 

Each tent holds twelve people. If I’m the head of an illegal immigrant family of four, are we taking the entire tent, or are they going to stuff eight more people in with my family? This could cause some sticky situations if Johnny from family A is sneaking into Sally’s cot from family B. 

The report further states the tents will have bathrooms. It didn’t elaborate, but I bet that means portable toilets. On the inside or outside of the tent? Consider the issues that could cause, but you sure wouldn’t want them outside in a Chicago winter. There will also be separate tents for kitchens, showers, and laundry. I did a double take when I saw the word showers – hope there is security there as it sounds like another recipe for disaster. 

There were some other troubling aspects about this announcement catching my attention. Garda World was selected because they already had contracts with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Illinois Department of Health. Wonder how competitive the quote was. This might explain why renovation of an existing building wasn’t considered. 

There will be a system in place for individuals to file grievances for any issues that arise. So illegal immigrants will have their own system to file a grievance? Illinois citizens options are to contact overworked police forces. Why can’t illegal immigrants use the same system we have already bought and paid for. 

Chicago will continue to receive new illegal immigrants from flights from Texas, New York, and other cities. Wait, from New York? So, these folks are transported from the border to New York and then New York, supposedly a sanctuary city/state is shipping them to Chicago or other places. Seems awful hypocritical. 

Chicago citizens will be given jobs for staffing and meal services. So that means more tax money, with the obligatory Chicago bureaucracy and double-dipping, spent on employing people to serve the illegal immigrants. No mention was made at what that would cost taxpayers.

And then there was this eye-opener. Did you know that last Wednesday, the Biden Administration stated its going to grant temporary legal status to the half a million Venezuelans already here in the country. Bam, just like that, there are a half million new Democrat voters. Why just Venezuelans, Joe? 

According to Pew Research, most of the 10.7 million illegal immigrants in this country live in just twenty major cities with the largest populations in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas-Ft. Worth. Chicago has some catching up to do. 

The hypocrisy of this illegal immigrant invasion with Democratic states and cities would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. They hysterically criticize border governors for not wanting them and shipping those poor folks out, rather than placing the blame where it belongs. The governors and mayors of those sanctuary areas deserve the problems that are being shipped to their cities. If you’re gonna talk the talk…

It isn’t right they are using taxpayer money to put various band aids on these issues. This entire situation, and the subsequent issues they cause, can be laid right at the feet of Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the rest of the Biden Crime Syndicate. If I were Brandon Johnson, New York Mayor Eric Adams, or Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, every time a bus or plane arrives with more illegal immigrants, I’d turn it around to take those people to Washington DC. 

The illegal immigrant issue is a ticking time bomb. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, Congress, and the White House deserve those people and their issues, not the rest of the country.